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Love thought-provoking science fiction with well-developed characters and badass female protagonists?

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Season 4 of DOA is available!


Stevie will take down her enemy. Even if she must go down with it.

In the final season of Daughters of Anarchy, Stevie and the DOA face their biggest challenge yet. Stevie knows the truth about Imelda Jane, and she’s determined to hunt down her killer. Leona is dead set not just on exposing the Federal Watch Program, but destroying it altogether. And in the background, Stevie hasn’t forgotten what matters most: the plans she made with Seth.

However, the harder Stevie and the DOA work to expose the Feds for the crooked agents they are, the more obstacles they face. Seth grows more uneasy about Stevie’s treacherous activities. The DOA faces a massive setback that could destroy them. When Stevie begins probing a side job, she becomes obsessed and makes a discovery so horrifying that it pushes her to take a huge risk… and pay the ultimate price.

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