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2017 Schedule

Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle (Mar 2-5): This is my first stint at ECCC. The Rogue Scientist will be in artist alley table DD2, hopefully charming all of Seattle’s fellow nerdy intellectuals into checking out her books.

WonderCon in Anaheim, CA (Mar 31-Apr 2): On the wait list (can you believe it?), but hoping to attend even if only as a participant. If anything, it’s an excuse to see my SoCal peeps. 50-50 at this point.

Smarter Artist Summit in Austin, TX (Apr 26-27): Me, the Self-Publishing Podcast dudes, and 149 other writers and creators. I predict a good time. Plus, Texas barbecue and other FOOD. The Rogue Scientist loves food, especially southern food.

Denver Comic Con (Jun 30-Jul 2): My home con. This year, Chris and I will have a corner booth (yes, that’s right!) in Merchant Mesa. More room for books and art, plus we’ll look really important there.

Mile Hi Con (Late Oct): Hopefully sitting on some panels and attending as a guest to hobnob with all the cool people.

Radio Appearances and Interviews

Two Gay Geeks Podcast (Jun 2016): Keith, Ben, Chuck from the Technorama Podcast, and I wrap up Phoenix Comic Con and talk about Daughters of Anarchy, genetics, and, of course, Star Wars.

Two Gay Geeks Podcast (Jan 2016): Keith, Ben, and I “deep geek” on Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Two Gay Geeks Podcast (Oct 2015): I, and the amazing Keith and Ben, discuss The Korvali Chronicles, the writing process, science, and whether Deckard really is a replicant.

Speculative Fiction Journal Beyond (Jun 2015): Adam Bicksler interviews the Rogue Scientist about The Refugee and writing science fiction.


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