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Love thought-provoking science fiction with well-developed characters and badass female protagonists?

So does C.A. Hartman. You’ve come to the right place.

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There’s nothing quite like invading someone else’s mind. Until it brings you face to face with a dangerous enemy…

Quinn Hartley is a mindjacker. She invades people’s minds for a living, and she’s damned good at it.

She does it for the right reasons, too.

To nail those who are corrupt. To make scorching, drought-ridden El Diablo a better place. And perhaps most of all, to become a Tier One mindjacker so she can afford to escape impoverished, crime-ridden Downtown… and all the bad memories that come with it.

She’s so close to achieving that goal… until a routine job goes terribly wrong.

Faced with losing everything that matters to her, Quinn takes a dangerous job to prove herself to the powerful Protectorate…

… only to come face to face with an enemy more powerful than she’s ever known.

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