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C.A. Hartman specializes in writing science fiction. An academic scientist gone rogue, Hartman has refocused her overactive, analytical mind on creating thought-provoking stories with memorable characters. Her Korvali Chronicles trilogy tells the story of the fallout that occurs when an alien scientist escapes his oppressive, xenophobic planet and comes to live among humans on a starship. She’s currently working on her Daughters of Anarchy series, a blend of dystopian sci-fi and thriller that follows a woman who uses her knowledge of genetics and her position of power to clean up her corrupt, post-war city.

A graduate of the University of Colorado, Hartman earned her PhD in Behavioral Genetics and worked as a scientist for 11 years. She lives in Denver with her husband, artist Chris Voeller, and has a special fondness for good TV, the desert, aviator sunglasses, and dark roast coffee (decaf, of course, because you DON’T want to be around her when she’s caffeinated).

Here are a few tidbits about Doc Hartman:

Favorite science: Psychology (yes, it’s a science), followed by (of course) genetics
Favorite science fiction book: Dune by Frank Herbert
Favorite science fiction film(s): Inception, followed by Blade Runner and Ex-Machina
Favorite science fiction TV show: Star Trek (either TNG or Voyager… she just can’t choose…)
Favorite superhero: Deadpool
Nerdy habits: Reposting silly science memes on Facebook, creating spreadsheets for everything

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