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2018 Schedule

Smarter Artist Summit in Austin, TX (Feb 27-28): Me, the Self-Publishing Podcast dudes, and a slew of other writers and creators. I predict a great second year at SAS. Plus, Texas barbecue and great food. The Rogue Scientist loves food, especially southern food.

Denver Comic Con (Jun 15-17): Year 6 for me. LOVE this con. You can find me in Author Alley at table A13. Chris will be in the next section over, at E5.

Mile Hi Con (Oct 19-21): Should be sitting on some panels (I’m very important, you know) and attending as a guest to hobnob with all the cool people.

Radio Appearances and Interviews

Two Gay Geeks Podcast (Jun 2016): Keith, Ben, Chuck from the Technorama Podcast, and I wrap up Phoenix Comic Con and talk about Daughters of Anarchy, genetics, and, of course, Star Wars.

Two Gay Geeks Podcast (Jan 2016): Keith, Ben, and I “deep geek” on Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Two Gay Geeks Podcast (Oct 2015): I, and the amazing Keith and Ben, discuss The Korvali Chronicles, the writing process, science, and whether Deckard really is a replicant.

Speculative Fiction Journal Beyond (Jun 2015): Adam Bicksler interviews the Rogue Scientist about The Refugee and writing science fiction.


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