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Jessica-Jones-1-1200x674I started watching Jessica Jones some time ago, mostly because it was available on Netflix and I’d run out of interesting shows to watch. I’m in the middle of episode 9 (out of 12).

It’s not my favorite show and I’m not that motivated to finish the season. But I will. The show has a lot going for it. Here’s a breakdown of my pros and cons:


  • Good female lead. I like male leads too, but I get excited about female leads when they’re interesting. They’re what I always write. And in the dude-dominated Marvel world, it’s nice to see a woman at the helm. In addition to Jessica, there’s her close friend Trish, and her hardass lawyer Jeri (played by Carrie-Ann Moss, who I totally dig).
  • The men. How can you not like Luke Cage, who is apparently getting his own show? Or Malcolm, Jessica’s beleaguered neighbor? Or Will the tough cop who’s a good guy (or is he)? Good characters make a show work.
  • The neighbors. A weird, creepy enmeshed brother-sister duo? Why not?
  • The “MPAA” rating. An R-rated superhero show, with sex and violence? Yes, please.



  • Jessica. She’s a cliche. I know, I’m being critical. But dude, a private eye who’s world weary and drinks too much? A tough woman who has no filter, doesn’t let people get too close because she doesn’t want to get hurt/hurt others/whatever, has sex with men as a way of keeping them at a distance just to wind up getting close to one, who wears a scowl along with her black leather jacket? I hate when people rant about what “strong female characters” should or should not be. But it isn’t Jessica’s strength or her believability as a character that bothers me. I sort of like her, actually. It’s just that I’ve seen her before. A lot.
  • Too powerful. I prefer realistic powers in my characters. Perhaps that’s why superheroes don’t interest me as much. Jessica’s strength and Kilgrave’s mind control make them too powerful for my brand of entertainment.
  • Kilgrave. He irritates me. I don’t like diabolical villains, especially when they’re too powerful like he is. I hate The Joker too. Heresy, I know. However, I am interested to see where the show takes his character, as it’s already heading in a direction I didn’t expect.

I’ll keep watching and finish up Season 1. Who knows, maybe I’ll watch Season 2…

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